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Kids Math - Tips On Teaching

Every parent faces the problem of having to teach his or her kid math at one part or the other of life. Math is a beautiful subject that has to be understood by the teacher first, to be able to teach the kid! The secret to teaching kid math lies in knowing exactly what it is that you are looking for.

When teaching your kid math, make it a point to read the problem carefully. Upon reading it, you are sure to find the clue word in the sum. Then underlining these clue words, you decide what you have to find out. Try out different formulas, sketches, look for a pattern and guess and check; you will suddenly stumble on an 'aha' moment when you get the answer!

In kid math, there are certain words which upon reading them, you know what you have to do in the sum. For example, sums needing addition have the clue words sum, in all, total and perimeter in the math sum. The clue words for subtraction are how much more difference and exceed; for multiplication, product, area, times and total. Sums having share distribute quotient and average signifies that these sums are division sums.

Whatever strategy you employ for helping your kid math, the main thing that has to be followed is instincts. Your instincts were around long before mathematicians were around! There is no use pondering over small stuff; if you find that the problem you are placed with does not have to be very accurate, you might as well just estimate your answer.

The fractions in kid math need to be simplified only if needed. Why do unnecessary calculations, when you have so much calculation to do as it is! Give a reality check to the answer that you get to the kid math problem. Supposing you are doing an insurance calculation, and you find out that the monthly installment to be made for a $600,000 is $35, then you should know that something is wrong somewhere!

A point that is often forgotten by the parent when teaching kid math is that a number without a visible decimal point actually has one at the end. I.e., 565 is actually 565.0. This point is required when doing calculations with decimal numbers. A shortcut for multiplying any whole number with the power of ten is to multiply the whole number with the multiple without the zeros. Then the number of zeros has to be added to the number. For example, when multiplying 35 by 4,000, first multiply 35 by 4, which gives 140. Then you have to add three zeros to the end to get 140000.

Similarly when dividing numbers by the power of 10 in kid math, all you have to do is to move the decimal place to the left of the number of zeroes there are in the divider. Like by dividing 753.55 by 100, the decimal place has to be moved two places to the left to get 7.5355 as 100 has two zeroes. Remember that a percentage is just any number divided by 100.

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