Kids Math Games

Kids Math Games

Kid math games have a great impact on the children, as they provide several benefits to the children. There are math games that are fun which help foster a positive and enjoyable attitude to math in the child. The one thing that has to be remembered while playing math games is that in math, like in life, attitude is extremely important. Math games tend to provide motivation to kids to play more of these games. Keeping this point in mind, a wise teacher capitalizes on this desire whenever possible.

Kid math games tend to provide context for mathematics. Context means weaving together, and this is exactly what a kid math game does to kids and math; weave them together! With the right exposure to substantive and enjoyable math games, children learn how to weave together various facts and concepts of math.

Through kid math games, the kids learn to gain familiarity, practice and master important mathematical facts and concepts of math. It is through kid math games that the kid learns to incorporate important dynamics supporting memorization like motivation, variety, context and fun.

Playing shopkeeper is an interesting kid math game. Items have to be collected around the house and tags have to be placed on them. A small cardboard box could become a cash register. The kid is the shopkeeper while the rest of the family, the customers. You buy things from the kid, requesting change in return for money given. The kid learns addition and subtraction when calculating the change that has to be returned to you. You can even discuss on the possibility of expanding the business, and teach the kid the fundamentals of investments, and math at the same time.

One of the best quantitative math activities for small children is skip count song. By skip counting, the kid learns how to count in multiples of numbers like 3,6,9,12…etc. through skip counting, the kid gets a solid foundation for addition, division and multiplication at the same time. It is a good idea implementing this skip counting in the form of a tune. This makes it more catchy and interesting to learn.

Good old fashioned dice and card games like Cribbage, Rummy and Yahtzee give multiple opportunities for children to practice counting and simple addition. Adding the numbers on the cards give exercises on math for the kid. The board games like Monopoly and Chutes and Ladders provide lots of counting opportunities. You can also modify board games to use not the sum of two rolled dice, but instead, the difference or the product of the two rolled dice!

One interesting kid math game is the math-target games. Here, the goal is to use all four given numbers, in any order, with any operation signs to make the mathematical expression equal to a fifth number. It is up to the kid to use his mathematical skills to find out which number has to be multiplied or subtracted from the other to provide the fifth number.

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