Kids Math Worksheets

Kids Math Worksheets

Kid math worksheets are an indispensable part of teaching. They provide the necessary practice the students need in mastering a concept or skill while making a positive contribution to the classroom teacher's sanity! While the teacher does teach many math problems, they need time to catch their breath, and at such times, the best means of keeping the kid busy is by working out math worksheets. Of course textbooks have practice exercises; but these exercises are limited to the actual amount of practice they offer. They may provide sufficient material for the student to master the skill, but then there will be no more material left for the kid to review and brush up his skills.

Kid math worksheets are also more portable than textbooks. Giving the kids textbooks to be completed may end up with the kid not doing anything from the textbook. Moreover, textbooks tend to be expensive. Workbooks too are disadvantage like textbooks; they are costly and the student tends to leave them at home or to simply lose them after some time! Sometimes the exercises in the kid math worksheet may not target the concept or skill that requires the extra reinforcement.

Teachers usually have a collection of black-line masters and assorted math worksheets that they have either created themselves over the years or may have gleaned from other sources over the years. There are some teachers who prefer chalking down math problems on the blackboard for the children to copy to be completed. The advantage of these types of math worksheet is that the cost is negligible, as the only cost here is that of the chalk! The disadvantage lies in the fact that not all the children may be able to copy down all the problems in the allotted time. Sometimes the copied problems too may not be copied correctly.

There are some teachers who place the math problems on a transparency and with the help of an overhead projector, projects the problems to the children. This is an improvement over the chalkboard, but the same problems of the children not copying in time or of making mistakes still arise.

The advantages of kid math worksheets lie in the fact that they can be created to target the exact skill or concept that is being taught. Then depending on requirements, they can be extended to as little or as much practice the child may require. The kid math worksheet can also be customized to meet the learning requirements of the individual students. The teacher can send the math worksheet home as homework, without the fear of loss as they can be easily replaces if required. And of course, kid math worksheets are relatively economical and can be saved for future use if required.

Of course, the only disadvantage of worksheets is that they have to be created! To make this task easy, there are many worksheet creation software available like Mathematics Worksheet Factory to make this task a breeze. A 20-question addition worksheet with four addends with values between 10 and 99 is available in a few seconds! You can also create a worksheet for telling time practice with a traditional clock face in a few seconds.

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